The Importance of Accurate Inventory Tracking

In the small business world, accurate inventory tracking and management is vitally important. Often times, it can mean the difference between big profits and big blunders. While the idea of keeping accurate inventory records may sound simple enough, this task can prove very difficult as your company grows and you begin to have more product leaving your warehouse or stores.This issue is one of the main driving factors behind Shopventory, which handles your inventory tracking and management for sales conducted through Square and PayPal. Once setup, Shopventory will automatically remove items from your inventory every time you make a sale using Square or PayPal. This can make life a whole lot easier for a small business owner, allowing you to track and manage your inventory from any mobile device regardless of your physical location.

With the rise of mobile payment processors and POS systems such as Square Register and PayPal Here, the days of being tethered to an outlet with bulky POS equipment are coming to an end.  While these solutions and others like them are widely available and easy to obtain, the “power tools” that drive your business’ success behind the scenes is a bit more of a challenge to find. Shopventory brings you these tools in a completely mobile solution for accurate inventory tracking and management, along with complete sales reporting and tracking on the fly. The result is complete control of your business, all from the palm of your hand.

The reality is, nearly every business owner understands the importance of accurate inventory tracking, yet the problem of executing good practices is still an issue. Free yourself from legal pads and pens. Free yourself from obsolete Excel spreadsheets that only tell half the story and only work a fraction of the time. Shopventory has arrived to bring your small business accurate inventory tracking and management tools at a price your business can actually afford.