21st Century Business Solutions

The Square credit carder readers and Square Register app are an excellent alternative to bulky and expensive POS systems. They are highly portable and give a 100% mobile way to accept payments and ring up your sales. However, until now there hasn’t been a robust and comprehensive way to track and manage your inventory or manage your sales reports using the Square system. Introducing Shopventory.Shopventory is a complete set of tools that works in tandem with your Square account to bring you full-featured inventory tracking and reporting on the fly. Accessible from any computer or mobile device, Shopventory allows you to quickly and objectively view real-time sales reports and inventory status updates, regardless of where your POS is located in relationship to you.

Let’s say you’re in Guam on a vacation, and your wine shop back in Michigan is open for business during the holiday season. Are you sure you have enough red wine in stock for that Christmas rush? With Shopventory, you will know the answer to that question instantly.

Let’s say you’re in Paris and you want to know how that new line of custom knitted hats is selling at your clothing shop. With a tap of the screen or a click of your mouse, you can have those sales reports in front of your eyes in real-time.

Shopventory picks up where Square left off, making it a completely viable replacement for those ancient POS systems that are currently tethered to the desk at your store. With the mobility and ease of the Square credit card readers coupled with sales and inventory tracking and management, Shopventory gives you the tools to bring your business into the 21st century.