Cash Flow

Do you know where your cash goes?

With Shopventory, you will always know how much money is tied up in inventory so you can better predict your cash flow each month.

Decision Making

Do you you have the insights you need to make smart decisions?

It's hard to make good decisions without good data. With Shopventory's detailed, easy-to-use reporting, you can be confident you are making the best decisions for your business.


Do you know how profitable your business is?

Shopventory will show you how profitable you are overall (per sku, per category, per location). You'll never have to guess if you'll have enough money for payroll or rent again.

Smart Stocking

Do you know when to reorder before you run out of stock?

Out of stock? That's one phrase we never want you to have to say to your customers. Shopventory will alert you to fast moving products and potential stock-outs before they happen. That means more sales, happier customers and more cash for you.

Slow-Moving Inventory

Do you know what products to discount or discontinue?

Are 80% of your sales coming from 20% of your product line? Shopventory gives you the insights you need to eliminate slow-moving items and focus on adding new and potentially more profitable products to your shelves.


Do you know what items are disappearing?

Shrinkage is a nice word for stealing. Customer and employee theft is a reality in many retail businesses today. Shopventory cannot stop theft (though we are working hard on our ninja skills), but it will give you indicators as to when and where theft might be happening so you can act.

Multiple Locations

Do you know what's going on across multiple storefronts or locations?

Shopventory will tell you which of your locations have higher sales and tell you exactly where you are running low (or high) on inventory. You can also transfer inventory from one location to another with just a few clicks!

Inventory Valuation

Do you know the value of your current inventory?

Shopventory automatically counts up the value of all of the items in your location. It's easy to check your inventory valuation down to the moment.

Start using Shopventory today, your bottom-line will thank you tomorrow!